Intruder Alarm Systems


Intrusion Detection

At Digitec Security we assess the particular risks that your premises and operations present and build a solution around them, combining proven techniques with leading edge technology. Our approach ensures that your system is user-friendly, trouble free and effective in protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets.

Remote monitoring by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) provides a 24-hour/ 365 days a year watch on your premises and when your system is activated we can inform keyholders or request the presence of the Police (subject to the system having a valid Unique Reference Number – URN).

Before deciding on the type of intruder alarm to install, you should check with your insurance company. They may offer discounts off your premium, depending on the type of business alarm system that you have fitted and the service installer you use.

Our systems deter intruders and protect your most valuable of assets,

whilst ensuring your insurance and legislation needs are met by conforming to British and European standards as an SSAIB accredited company.

With a monitored security system from Digitec you know that if your alarm is activated,

our 24 hour monitoring partner will provide you with the response that you expect. 

That response can be a keyholding company call out or even, in the prescribed circumstances, the emergency services. 


System Grades

Four Grades of alarm system exist, based on increasing levels of resilience against attack by

intruders with anticipated levels of knowledge and tools.

Grade 1: Intruders expected to have little knowledge and limited tools. Alarm is suitable for a low risk.

Grade 2: Intruders expected to have limited knowledge and some tools. Alarm is suitable for a low to medium risk

Grade 3: Intruders expected to have knowledge and full range of tools. Alarm is suitable for medium to high risk.

Grade 4: Intruders expected to have sophisticated knowledge and tools. Alarm is suitable for a high risk.

Digitec use industry leading products to provide all grades of Intruder Alarm System in accordance with BS EN 50131- 1